Basic WordPress On page SEO Theory for Beginners

WordPress On page SEO Theory for Beginners

As we know, WordPress is the most widely used self-hosting website/blog platform in the world. Because of this, the WordPress platform is very easy to set up; there are lots of beautiful free themes scattered on the internet, rich in thousands of plugins, and so on. However, everyone who has a blog wants many visitors … Read more

4 Best Plugins To Increase The Security of a WordPress

plugins to increase the security of a WordPress

WordPress is a platform that is built with a good security framework. Because of this, it is used by millions of bloggers around the world. However, considering the many crimes in cyberspace today or what we often call cybercrime, the basic security embedded in the self-hosting WordPress blog platform; Which will certainly not be enough to … Read more

How to Find Potential Long Tail Keywords

Potential Long Tail Keywords

 As we know that keywords are the heart of SEO. without keyword research, the SEO efforts we have been working on for months and even years have become unfocused. In doing SEO efforts, the first thing we should know is keywords. so here we provide a Potential Long Tail Keywords research guide for beginners. All the organic … Read more