How to start a blog that makes huge money

Many people think that blogging is the easiest way to make money but in reality, it is one of the tough jobs to make money from blogging. Be honest: for making money from blogs you have ideas about many things. Many people enter into blogging and after some time, they left the blogging parts. One of the best parts of blogging is that in this blogging sector anyone can enter and easily learn and earn. In this article, we discuss how to start a blog that makes huge money.

If you want to become a blogger and make money from doing blogging then you need to be enough patient and dedicated to building traffics and a following. We asked some questions to famous bloggers about how do successful bloggers make their money?. They reveal some important information as well as their monetization secrets.

Some of the major information provides by the successful bloggers and the overall action plans to increases traffic for their sites. Here we discuss the all steps and processes of how to do blogging in a very simple way.

How to start a blog

Starting blogging can seem like a little tough job to those we are particularly don’t have much tech knowledge. Before starting the blog you have to think about in which platform do you setting your blog. Simply say that there are two options for you to set your blog- you can use a free blogging platform, or you can create your website. In this article, we discuss both the free blogging platform as well as your website so that you can easily get ideas about which is better for you and which is right for you and your blog.

1. Free blogging platforms

Best for: Mainly most of the bloggers used the free blogging platform for writing their feeling as well as learn how to create a blog at their starting time. They have not interested in making money from their blog just they start blogging for sharing their words in the form of the free blogging platform. In the free blogging platform, we mainly see that people write poems, songs, and other notes which they share with their friends and core people.

Pros: Super easy to set up and People who do have not tech knowledge are also easily set up. It is completely free.

Cons: Limits on customization and video/image uploads, Many of the free blogging platforms do not give you the right to adverts or use affiliate links. Also, you can’t create a custom URL and the platform retains the right to delete your blog.

A lot of platforms provide free to set up a blog for free, and they are very much easier to use. If you are just thinking to start your blogger journey then this is very much suit for you because of many of the things you can learn on a free blogging platform.

But, free blogging platforms can provide you very limiting excess of customizing and major problem of free blogging platform is that it give store limit which makes it hard to upload large video and image.

Another drawback of free blogging platforms is they don’t allow you to place banner adverts or affiliate links on your site, which are the key sources of revenue for most bloggers.

These are some pros and cons of free blogging platforms. You think which is best for you and creates your blogging sites.

Best blogging sites

Here we discuss some of the best blogging platforms. You can use these blogging sites for less money or for free.

This is a free basic blog hosting service that’s easy to use. you have to put with WordPress ads and branding unless you pay a monthly fee. Without paying a monthly fee you can not put ads on your site. There is a various limited option for customization and expansion.

Google’s a free blog hosting service, Blogger is very simple to use but also in the blogger you got the customization and design options are very limited, and there aren’t a lot of options if you want to add more features.

This is also one of the free blogging sites, in which a writer can create his profile with a medium subdomain. Mostly is used by journalists, writers, and experts. It gives a great platform for branding your sites. you can not put ads on the content that you write on Most of the blogger writes on for getting more traffic on their website. You can write like

2. Create your website

Mainly it is best for dedicated bloggers and those who want to make money from their blogs.

Pros: Complete control over design and customization, you can easily use adverts and affiliate links how you like. Also, you have your custom URL. From that, you can abe to create unique personal branding( with your URL). As well as there is no risk of your blog being deleted by the platform. You will own the site and it is fully under your control.

Cons: You have to pay first for buying a domain name (URL) and after that, you pay for hosting.

If you are not from a tech background then it is a little bit hard to create your website. Learn how you creating your website which helps you make your site the best. In WordPress, you get an insane amount of templates or “themes” so that you can easily choose the themes that are suited for you. While choosing themes for your sites you must consider that your themes suites your personality and the topic of the blog.

How to choose a blog topic

While starting your blog choose a blog topic plays an important role. It is the simplest as well as hardest parts while starting the blogs.

The most important thing for the new who just start their blogging make a big mistake while choosing the content. They didn’t start a blog without trying to do something, surprising or different. They just target the simple topic in which others are already doing well. Or simply say that they just copy others rather than doing their best. For example, if your domain name is Meta earn, then you write the content related to the earning, not the business, fashion, and others.

These are the best ways to find a topic for a new blog:

1. Look at other blogs

For getting success in blogging you should find the gap of other blogger content and fulfill the gap by providing good and valuable content. If you notice the gap and give your 100% for fulfilling the gap then you got the organic traffic that helps you to grow up your blog.

2. Use Google

After finding the gap you also notice the Google search. What are people searching for? use google suggested search and auto-complete to discover what people are looking for. If you get the ideas about the searching then you easily notice the demand.

3. Search forums for common FAQs

When people can’t find answers to their questions, then they go to the answer question forums. They got some information about what they are asking? In which topic or content do they need advice or solution. After looking at that you got some of the information about the audience’s interest and what are the lacking content and information on.

4. Track Current trends

While choosing the topic for the blog you are aware of the current trends.  It is very much good for pickup the current topic with longevity, but if you can piggyback on a trend early on, you can quickly establish yourself as an expert on it before anyone else. Searching #marketingrequest on Twitter shows what kind of themes marketing people are currently reporting on.

5. Think about different types of content

Could you do any tutorials or research for content?. If not then you must find unique content or think of different types of content that other people are not so much aware of. For that, you have to use Free SEO tools. This Free SEO tools give you overall ideas of keywords and other links that help you to find identify unique content as well as keyword.

6. Identify your interests and passions

All the above points are important for starting a blog. Another most important thing is that, if you have not been so much interested in blogging then it makes you bored within few days after starting. If you have zero interest in blogging then you will quickly get bored or if you write on content that you do not know then it also makes you quickly bored. Write about something you really, truly care about.

How to Increase your blog traffic

Once you’ve created your website, come up with your unique blog topic and you’ve published your first posts, the big question is that who is your target reader of the blogs or who read your content.

1. Promote your blog on social media

For increasing the traffic on your blog site you make setting up pages/accounts of your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media network which help you to increase traffic on your site. While branding your blog sites on social media you have to maintain consistency and easily recognizable color/ theme during the posting image and content. In other words, if you post the image and content on social media it replicates your blog so that it is easy to the branding it.

Similarly, share new posts and tag fellow bloggers/influencers/ companies who might share your content and help it to reach a bigger audience.

Also, you can do some paid advertising to help your blog reach a wider audience, or run a competition to generate more like. Once you get a high audience on your site then you have to post interesting content to bind the audience on your site. Make a loop of your content so that audience always binds with you.

For example, if you write the content related to AdSense article then you give overall ideas related to AdSense, How Google gives  Adsense, what are the thing needs for AdSense, and many more. By doing these you create such loops so the audience always binds with your blog.

2. Connect with other bloggers

This is one of the better techniques to engage more audiences on your blog. If your blog is related to SEO and digital marketing then you make a blog community that works on SEO and digital marketing. In Facebook or other social media network, you create such community who work on the related content. Like Meta SEO is a Facebook page that binds the blogger who writes the article related to SEO.

If you engage with other blogger and share their content, they will also help you to share your content and it make a great collaboration to engage the big audience on your blog. Also, it will massively help your SEO. It is a simple technique to gathering an audience on your blog. By doing this it supports your blog ranking on the top of Google searches.

3. Try to create new stories on your blog

Every day some new thing happens around the world which you see in the news and social media which is related to your niche. If you found a niche that related to your article, then do some research and work on it. If you do this then it helps you to get more audience on the blog.

For example, if your blog is about earning money, keep an eye out for things like the reveal of which online medium helps them for earning. Many people want to find a way of earning money if you tell them how to earn money( online earning money). If your blog discusses the medium or sources of online earning money then people always bind with your blog.

Also, you can get on social media to say your bit with relevant hashtags. Get involved in discussion with the people, and even reach out to all audiences to say that you can freely comment on the blog. If you’re great at owning your niche, all your audience might even come to you.

4. Create Viral content

Creating viral content help the blogger to reach a new market and in turn, increase your reading audience. If you want to engage more audience on your site then you need to create viral content.  If you tap the controversial or highly discussed topic related to your niche blogging field then it helps you for gathering an audience as mentioned above.

Before creating viral content you should be passionate, opinionated, and knowledgeable about the content so that you can deliver such good content. If you deliver such good content then people want to read, share and talk about the content.

For example, Today many people talk around the world about digital currency. If you have better knowledge about digital currency like a pi coin, bitcoin, and top crypto earning website then it also becomes one of the viral tropics nowadays.

How you can make money from blogging

Once you’ve been involved in blogging then you have to look the ways to make money from it. Here we are discussing the best and easiest ways to make money from blogging:

1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog

One of the income sources of the blogger is affiliate marketing. By adding tracked affiliates into the text of your blog help you to make a small commission every time a reader clicks through a site you recommend and makes a purchase.

All most online e-commerce websites have provides an affiliate programs like Amazon, flip card, Apple, and Sastodeal.

Sign up to affiliate marketing and promote thousands of well-known brands and services from around the world. If you have to promote many brands then it helps to increase your earning. Many bloggers earn handsome money by using affiliate marketing on their blogs.

Write about the reviews and article with your honest opinion and encourage your readers to buy something if you think the product and services are good for them.

2. Add banner adverts to your website

Many of the bloggers also used the sell banner advertising on their website so that they make money from it. Many companies give the ad banner advertising to the blogger, for branding their companies as well as their products.

Adverts can be placed anywhere, but mostly it is found across the top of the pages and sidebars of the blog so that reader can easily notice the ads.  From the add banner, you can earn in two ways. CPC ( cost per click) means you will get a payment for every reader who clicks on that advert,  While CPM (click per thousand) means you will negotiate a set of payments for every 1000 impressions the ad gets.

3. Write the content related to Advertorials and sponsors

According to the bloggers, the best way of monetizing a blog is through offering sponsored content opportunities. These are essentially adverts in the form of a paid-for article or blog post. For example, if any company manufactures the smartphone and you also writing an article related to the smartphone. Then they might offer to pay you to write an article about their smartphone. Also, they may give you some affiliate links on top.

This monetization method usually works best when you have a targetable audience or niche audience. Once you grow up your reader then it helps you to get an approach from the sponsored posts.

4. Charge for the sponsored post on social media

If you have a good social media follower, then every brand wants to tie with you to branding their services and products. Some of the bloggers make their money by posting the sponsored posts on social media. If you have such amazing social media followers then you can also charge a high fee when you post their banner and other things on social media. Many bloggers can charge a handsome fee when they sponsored posts on social media.

For that, you have to work hard to build your follower first. If you build such a big empire on social media then the brand wants to collaborate with you for branding their products and services. If the brand collaborates with you then you can easily earn handsome money by posting their content on your social media platform.

5. Write the guest post for other media outlets

If your website is so much popular and you have more knowledge about the content in which you write, then other bloggers want to make a little cameo appearance on their website. If you write something on their website then you have to charge money for your cameo appearance post.

For example, you have a good knowledge of business strategy then some of the companies might get in touch and ask you to contribute to building a business strategy for their company. Don’t feel hesitation while pitching your ideas in public, if you found some people write in the same field as you write then you quickly pass your blog’s name out there. This helps you to the engaging an audience on your website by the link.

6. Sell digital products on your blog

If you have skills or advice to offer, then there is another option to charge a fee for access to eBooks, video tutorials, courses, or workshops. To sell digital products on your blog you’re extremely good at what you do, or your content has proven to be incredibly valuable.

7. Sell your blog’s newsletter space

It is also one of the best ways to make money from blogging. If you write the content related to the tools, products, and services and some of the products want to be listed themselves on your blog post. You give the space on your blog post to list him/her product which has relevant for the post then you charge certain money for him to list on your blog post.

These are the way that bloggers can earn money from blogging. If you have good content as well as high traffic on your blog then you can easily earn handsome money. For increasing more traffic in your blog you should make unique as well as most potential content.

The Biggest challenges when monetizing a blog

When you become a full-time blogger then you think about the earning. For earning you should monetize your blog so that you make money. There is some difficulty are

  1. Difficult creates quality content
  2. Difficult to adhere to different monetizing policy
  3. The low earning potential with less traffic or no traffic

There is some difficulty with the motorization of your blogs. Make a plan that includes all the possible options you have to monetize and add all the new monetization strategies you come up with. Making money is a priority for every blogger but instead of making money, you must be aware of your content. If your content is unique then you can easily engage with your reader as well as secure returning visitors to your blog. If your content quality is higher then there is a much chance of earning handsome money.

Another main challenge faced by the blogger is competition. Many people come every day to blogging after some time they are disappeared from blogging. If you want to earn from blogging then you need to work hard as well as work on dedication and consistency.

Can anyone make money from blogging?

As we have seen that everyone who creates good content can easily make good money from blogging. Another question is how much money do bloggers make from blogging. It depends upon the traffic on the blog website. If you have good content as well as the content help to learn new skills then those types of blogs make handsome money rather than a simple content blog.

Monetising a blog takes some time and relies on you having some traffic. If you have more readers on your blog site then you are got more attractive advertisers which increases your revenue. Getting more traffic on your blog can help you to increase revenue.

How can I start a blog?

Starting a blog is one of the simple tasks. Everyone can easily enter the blogging field. If you have an interest in blogging then here are some steps that help you to enter the blogging fields.

1. Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting

The first step for starting a blog is to choose the blog name. If you find out the blog name then you prepare for taking hosting. While choosing the name of the blog you must aware of which content do you want to write on your blog. If your domain name is Seometatools then you must aware of the content related to SEO tools, not the other business, gossip, and celebrity. So that choosing the blog name directly creates an impact on getting traffic. Similarly, after choosing the blog name you are also aware of blog hosting. In the starting, you should take a hosting according to budget. If you have gathered much traffic on your blog then you take hosting which can handle the traffic.

2. Start your blog by adding WordPress

You can install WordPress, which is free. It is very much easier to install WordPress. There are some steps of install WordPress are as below:-

  • Click the login button
  • Click skip this step on the pick a theme screen
  • WordPress is now installed, click start building to go to your dashboard.

Also, read why developers choose WordPress for blogging.

3. Pick a simple theme to make your blog more attractive

Select a simple theme to make your blog more attractive. You can easily get many themes online which you buy or you can get free. Use those themes which make your website attractive and design your blog how you want it to look. Once you buy the WordPress themes, then supporting teams help you to set the themes on your blog. There is much such online company that can sell WordPress themes. BYLT also theme provides a company where you can easily buy WordPress themes.

4. Install two plugins that will improve your blog’s features

If you just start blogging then many plugins help you to improve your blog website. Out of many plugins, two plugins help your blogs to increase traffic. The first one is Yoast SEO and the other is Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights. Yoast SEO helps you to maintain SEO in your WordPress themes and Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights helps you to get knowledge on overall traffic, traffic source, views per author, and category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.

5. Write a goods content that your readers love

One of the most important tasks for each blogger is to create content that love by the reader. The ultimate goal of bloggers is to deliver unique content to their readers. If you deliver such unique content to the reader then it helps to increase the traffic on your sites. Similarly, you also choose knowledgeable content so that you can get a loyal audience.

Here we discuss how to start a successful blog. The above steps are the key point for starting a successful blog.

In Conclusion, We discuss how to start a blog that makes huge money. If you have so much interest in blogging and want to become a successful blogger then this article helps you. From this article, you got overall ideas about how to start a successful blog as well as how to get earnings from blogging.  By applying the above steps you can achieve the goal of blogging. We discuss the simple steps for beginners who want to enter the blogging field. This is an amazing time to enter the blogging sector.

To get more knowledge on SEO, Blogger, WordPress, Free tools for SEO, and many more stay in touch with AdSense Article.

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