Success Tips For Beginner Bloggers Who Use BlogSpot

 If you have made up your mind to become a blogger and choose a free platform from BlogSpot as your hosting medium, several things must be considered first as a first step so that the blog you are building can achieve success & have a lot of traffic in the future. Here are some tips and advice from me personally, especially beginner bloggers who use the BlogSpot platform. Now, without making a delay, let’s start Success Tips For Beginner Bloggers Who Use BlogSpot.

Use Your Own Custom Domain

You can use free hosting from a blogger (Blogspot). But for domain problems, I highly recommend buying your domain such as .com .net .org .id, etc. There are many advantages to having your domain, namely, increasing the professionalism of the blog. Try to judge for yourself; which domain is more professional, or Of course, the more professional

Not only professionals, but the custom domain itself can provide extra security for the Blogspot blog that is used because the blogger platform has a stringent TOS, and they will not hesitate to delete blogs that violate just a little of their TOS, including blogs that have high traffic without no advance notification. This incident has been experienced by many bloggers such as If your blog is deleted without using your domain, it means that the blog that has been built will lose all traffic; and the sacrifices so far will be in vain. On the contrary, if you use your custom domain and when Google deletes the blog; you will hold your traffic by creating new blogs/websites.

Use an Attractive & Mobile Responsive Template Design

An attractive and responsive blogger template design will increase the blog’s professional value and increase the user experience and lower the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the blog by only opening one page. Suppose a visitor finds an article on your blog on Google; after entering and reading the article, the visitor immediately leaves without clicking another page on your blog. The lower the bounce rate, the greater the benefits of AdSense ads, and it will also get its appreciation from Google.

Determine Your Blog Niche with Keyword Research

Before building a blog, we must first determine the blog niche that we will build. Look for a blog niche that people are looking for. To choose the right niche, do some keyword research to find out the traffic volume/month of that niche and the competition. This keyword research can also provide future directions and targets to be achieved in the future.

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Create Interesting Articles and Content

Content is the main essence of a blog; without good content, building a blog will be in vain. Create attractive, unique, engaging, and informative articles without the slightest copy and paste of other people’s articles. With good content, you will get lots of email subscribers, RSS subscribers, Facebook likes, or visitor subscribers who are always loyal to read the latest articles from your blog. In addition, by making original and quality articles; it means that you have avoided the tantrum of Google Panda. Which is a ferocious cop on the Google search engine who will not hesitate to kick copy and unqualified blogs from search engines.

Build Search Engine Optimization

An indication of the success of a blog is having a lot of traffic, especially from search engines. To achieve this, we must make SEO efforts so that our blog can be seen properly on Google and Bing. SEO is divided into two, namely, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. For more details, please read the article below to make it easier to understand.

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Practice Patience in Building a Blog

These tips are essential to apply, and I want to emphasize that making money from a blog is not the same as making money from selling fried foods (make fried food today and get the immediate profit that day). Making money from a blog requires patience, perseverance, and strong consistency because it can take months or even years to achieve this. For those of you who are new to blogging, it is advisable not to think about money first. Instead you need to grow your passion and love with your blog so that one day you can generate success from the blog that has been painstakingly built.


In the article on Success Tips For Beginner Bloggers Who Use BlogSpot; we can conclude that we have to practice some good practice since the beginning to get proper success in blogging fields. If you have any queries or questions related to SEO and blogging, then please comment to us.

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