Tips on How to Build Quality Backlinks for Beginners

 Backlinks are incoming links that are referenced by one website to another website. For example, I linked an active URL link from your blog in a blog post so that your blog will get 1 backlink from my blog. Backlinks are one part of SEO that must be carried out by all webmasters. So that their blog/website can have a good SERP and can also increase popularity. If you love this article ” Tips on How to Build Quality Backlinks for Beginners” then feel free to comment on us.

But what you need to know, backlinks can also be disastrous for your blog if not done carefully, especially through bad methods such as spamming. Because Google really doesn’t like the technique of building backlinks in a fraudulent way (Blackhat SEO). This can be resulting in your blog can be deindexed and destroyed from the Google search engine. Therefore, through this post, I want to share how to build good and high-quality backlinks without worrying about penalties from Google.

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 Tips for building good Backlink

  1. Building link building does require a high level of patience. Make backlinks gradually day by day. For example, make a target of 2-4 backlinks a day, and never do backlinks in mass like hundreds or even thousands of backlinks a day. Because this has an impact on the irregularity of the backlinks that you make, especially since your blog is still a new blog and does not have high popularity.
  2. Don’t build backlinks from spam websites and Adult websites because this will actually have a bad impact on SEO. Make backlinks from trusted sites that already have high Pagerank, Citation Flow, and Trust flow.
  3. Make backlinks from various domain names and don’t build backlinks from just one or two domains. Suppose my friend has 400 backlinks with sources only from the forum seconds. Then it can be distracted by SPAM and categorized as unnatural by search engines.
  4. Build backlinks from a variety of anchor text. Use anchor text with a variety of keywords, anchor text author, website brand anchor text, and naked URL. Why should that be? because if Google finds the anchor text which is only uniform without any combination and variation, then your backlink can be categorized as an unnatural backlink by Google and is considered to have carried out link building techniques using a backlink generator.
  5. Don’t just build do-follow backlinks, you must also have nofollow backlinks for google diversification. Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam) states that ideally, the comparison of do-follow and nofollow backlinks is 60: 40 or 70: 30 ratio. 

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How to Get Quality Backlinks ( Quality Backlinks Building guide for Beginners)

Primary 3 steps for Quality Backlinks Building guide for Beginners

  1. Create original and interesting content – if a webmaster creates original and interesting content for his visitors, without the knowledge of the webmaster, the writing on his blog will be used as a reference on social media and other people’s blogs so that it can create natural backlinks that can increase SERP and the popularity of a blog.
  2. Make backlinks from answering questions -Making backlinks from answering questions is the best way to Build Quality Backlinks for Beginners. You can get backlinks from websites like yahoo answer and, suppose someone asks a question about SEO techniques on quora. Then you can answer that person’s question well and link to posts from your blog that contain discussions about SEO as a reference source for your answers.
  3. Make Backlinks from forums – The technique for getting backlinks in forums is to find threads that match your blog’s niche. Give a long and relevant comment while including the backlink + anchor text keyword in your blog. Why must it be so long? so as not to be mistaken for spam by moderators. In addition, you can get backlinks from creating articles in a thread and include your blog as the source.

Secondary 3 steps for Quality Backlinks Building guide for Beginners

  1. Submit articles to social bookmarking – use social bookmarking such as,, Stumbleupon, blacklist, and so on. Avoid fake social bookmarking that has a lot of spam and is not directly filtered by the social bookmarking owner.
  2. Look for backlinks through guest posts – lots of websites offer guest posts on websites like Usually, they allow embedding 1 do-follow backlink as a token of gratitude for helping them create an original article.
  3. Blog Walking – Blog walking is a method of finding backlinks. That leaves comments containing active links on other people’s blog posts. According to Matt Cutts, blog walking can still be used, but with a small percentage note. If the majority of your backlinks come from blog walking then don’t be surprised; if your blog will be flagged as a SPAM blog by Google. In addition, make backlinks from blogs that are in the same niche as your blog. Make a long and interesting comment so that the owner of the blog doesn’t think it is SPAM.
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