Types of backlinks that Google Hates

In the previous articles, We discuss the comparison of quality backlinks and quantity backlinks. But in this post, I am going to explain more about the types of backlinks. Google doesn’t like or the types of backlinks that Google Hates, which will worsen the SERP of a blog/website. So for your blog to always exist and have lots of visitors, you have to avoid several types of blackhat SEO backlinks which I will explain one by one in this paper.


In the past, link exchange has become a favorite and effective way for bloggers. However, since Google updated its algorithm and focused more on more natural types of backlinks, this type of backlink has not been appreciated by Google. Even Google has started its webmaster guidelines that link exchange will negatively impact SERP in the future. Google: Link Scheme

Backlinks From Poor Quality Web Directory

Building backlinks from web directories is a very good way to build SEO Link Building. However, all the web directories available in the internet world are not always of good quality. We can see the quality of a web directory from several indicators, namely Pagerank, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow. However, don’t forget to ensure that the web directory is free from spammers and is properly moderated by the owner of the web directory. If you make a backlink from the directory where the spammers are, it will negatively impact your SEO. Here is a list of high-quality directories in the eyes of Google.










Build Backlinks from Unrelated Websites

This type of backlink will destroy your SERP shortly because Google Penguin will indicate webspam or spammy backlinks. For example, your blog is a niche about motorbikes, but most of your backlinks come from blogs about mothers and children, which is considered irrelevant.

For those who build backlinks from a forum, make sure to make backlinks from high-quality forums. Create a thread with articles on subforums relevant to your blog’s niche, then plant your backlinks in the article. Another way you can also build comment backlinks in forums is by looking for relevant threads to your blog’s niche. According to the theme, try to comment wisely and a little longer so that your comment is not treated as spam.

A backlink from Rich Anchor Text

Suppose your blog has a keyword, namely WordPress Tutorial. Buddy, embed as many backlinks as possible, even up to thousands, with the anchor text of the WordPress tutorial. If you do this, the more likely it is that your blog will get a penalty from Google because this is considered not a natural backlink. Make backlinks with high anchor text variations, also embed backlinks with naked URLs and author names. Build backlinks with keyword anchor text from some of your blog posts to make it look more natural to Google.

Backlink Generator

A backlink generator is the creation of backlinks with automatic programming. So that you can get massive backlinks quickly, Google always hates backlink generator programs, and if you use this technique to build your backlink, then google may eliminate your blog from google search. Avoid backlink buying services like Fiverr.com because they build backlinks for their clients with backlink generators. So they can easily build hundreds or even thousands of backlinks in a matter of days. I highly recommend friends here build backlinks manually with their hard work. So that later on, your friends’ efforts will bear sweet fruit that can make you smile in the future.:-)

Hidden Backlink

Hidden backlinks mean making backlinks that are completely invisible to readers. For example, you create a backlink from a guest post, buddy, and an active link to your blog with white on a white background. So that the link is not visible to readers, this violates the webmaster guidelines of Google. And don’t get surprised if your blog will be penalized if you cheat like this. Google: Hidden Text and Links

Backlinks From Webspam

If you plant backlinks from web spam such as Blog Auto-Generated Content, Spammy Porn Site, gambling blogs; that are not of any quality, this can negatively impact your blog. These are the types of backlinks that Google Hates. Suppose the backlink from web spam comes by itself. So don’t worry; you can use a tool from Google called Google Tools Disavow Link, which will eliminate backlinks from unwanted sites.

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