Why Quality Backlinks Are Much More Important Than Quantity

If we talk about the Internet world, the words SPAM and SPAMMER are not something foreign to our ears. In fact, they are very troubling for other people who are serious about building a business in the internet world. Actually, these scattered spammers aim to get as many backlinks as possible without thinking at all about the quality of the backlinks they get. So that in a short time their website will get a penalty from Google Penguin. And can even be destroyed in the Google search engine. That is why getting quality backlinks is so much more important than quantity. It’s better to get 50 quality backlinks than to get 1000 backlinks but not quality at all. So, here we illustrate all pros and cons of Quality Backlinks vs quantity of backlinks.

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The question is what is meant by backlink quality? and how do we measure that a quality backlink is obtained or not? According to SEO experts from the United States such as Alex Becker, Ryan Deiss, and Google Webspam head Matt Cutts, the quality of backlinks can be measured from several approaches as follows:

The relevance of Backlink Topic

A quality backlink can be seen from how relevant the backlink topic is. For Example, Your website is a niche about automotive and gets 1 backlink from a blog that is niche about the mother’s world. So the backlinks obtained are not quality backlinks even though the motherhood niche blog has a high PR. Likewise in a forum, if your friend’s blog is about traveling but gets a backlink from a subforum or forum that talks about pets, then this is irrelevant.

The relevance of backlinks will also help search engine bots describe the content of your blog’s content. So that it can increase the SERP later. A Spammer who only chases the number (quantity) of backlinks, will not pay attention at all to this, they will put backlinks on all the websites they come across as they please regardless of whether the backlink is relevant or not. Therefore, to build link building by paying attention to the relevance of the backlink topic must be the first benchmark.

The relevance of Backlink Location and TLD

I once checked the backlinks of a SPAM website in Indonesian in Majestic and also in Alexa. From this data, I found that the majority of the backlinks he got came from foreign language websites such as Russian, Dutch, Spanish, and English with TLD domains such as .ru, .de, UK, and others. From these results, it can be seen that the backlink is not of any quality because it has no relevance to the location and TLD. If you have a blog that is in Indonesian then for location relevance, you must get a backlink from a website that is also in Indonesian. Because in the eyes of Google it doesn’t make sense if your Indonesian-language website can get backlinks from websites that speak Spanish.

Regarding the relevance of Top Level Domain, if your blog is in Indonesian, try to get backlinks from websites with TLD com, net, org, and even better if you can get backlinks from TLD co. id, .ac.id, and .go.id. Avoid looking for backlinks from overseas local websites with local TLDs such as .sg, .de, .ru, .in, and so on.

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Backlinks from trusted websites

Distinguishing quality backlinks or not can also be seen from the source where the backlink comes from. Quality backlinks usually come from websites that have trust flow, and good Domain Authority is not from SPAM websites, hit by Google sandboxes, and websites that have absolutely no interesting or informative content. For that, before building link building, make a list of websites that have good trust flow, PageRank, and domain authority. So that they can be used as trusted references in building SEO Linkbuilding.

Variation of Anchor Text Backlink

Even though you already have backlinks with topic relevance, language, good TLDs. And also get backlinks from high DA websites; it will be useless if you spread the same anchor text in all backlinks. For example, my friend has 200 backlinks with 1 anchor text for Cheap Flower Shops, then that too will not be considered a quality backlink in the eyes of Google because it looks very unnatural. Make backlinks with various variations of anchor text, use synonyms, create backlinks that lead to posts, long-tail keywords, and don’t forget to create backlinks with naked URLs to maximize backlink variations.

If we examine the spammers’ website backlinks that are scattered on the internet; it will be very clear that the backlinks they get are thousands of backlinks with the same anchor text. Spammers will create a text with an anchor text link in a notepad; that they will copy on all websites they come across. Even they don’t hesitate to use a backlink generator. So they can spread hundreds to thousands of backlinks at once in a day. That is why backlink variations must also be considered in building link building. So that Google is not mistaken for manual web spamming.

In conclusion, Hope this article solves your query of ” Why Quality Backlinks Are Much More Important Than Quantity “.  And after reading this you may able to make your own strategy for building backlinks. But if you are a beginner then it is still difficult to make a proper strategy.

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